Unpacking Trans-Atlantic Sports


For this edition of Tanager Talks, Mike Carlson, writer, critic and commentator well known for his coverage of American sports in the UK, takes us on a sweeping tour of international sports and sports broadcasting.

If you have ever wondered why the NFL is growing its audience here while baseball languishes – despite a plug from Jane Austen – or why basketball is huge almost everywhere except the UK, Mike provides fascinating insight. He also comments on soccer in the US, lacrosse’s journey from Native American war game to the playing fields of elite British schools and the irony of English football’s dominance everywhere except the three largest countries in the world, China, India and the US, and most of the countries of the former British Empire.

Also, Mike shares his experience commentating the London 2012 Olympics where he was “shocked” that everything worked as well as it did and where he starred in one of the most clicked-on videos of the Games, known as “Angry Commentator”, after expressing his feelings about being wacked on the head with a basketball while reporting for the BBC.  Mike has his own blog and can be followed on Twitter @carlsonsports.

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