Travel, the Turners and the Tanager

It all started in Central Park. That’s where Liz and Dick Turner, a British couple on a posting to the United States, developed a passion for watching birds. Coincidentally, Central Park in the summer is one of the best places in the world for watching tanagers.

From New York City, the Turners went on to Trinidad and Tobago, discovering the delights of tropical birding which has been “depleting our bank balance ever since”. Over the years, they have visited fascinating countries such as Ethiopia but their favourite destinations, the ones that they return to again and again, are Mexico and India because of the culture, the warm reception and, of course, the excellent birding opportunities.

When asked how they put their trips together, they use a ‘courses for horses’ approach. For more challenging travel destinations such as Madagascar, they use local operators who they often find through specialist birding websites such as For a destination like Australia or Mexico, they do it themselves. What they don’t do is use large tour companies. “We use local organisers so the money stays in the community instead of supporting smart offices in Mayfair.”

To the great delight of everyone at Tanager Wealth Management, Liz and Dick consider the tanager to be a very special and extraordinarily beautiful bird. They saw their first tanager back in Central Park in the 70s. More recently on a trip to the legendary birding destination, Manu Road in Peru, they were fortunate enough to be one of the first people in the world to see a newly discovered tanager that has still not been properly classified. “We sort of think of it as our tanager.”

Ever intrepid, they are off shortly on their next adventure to the Philippines where they hope to see such rare species as the ‘monkey eating’ eagle.

To hear the full interview packed with wonderful travel anecdotes, tanager descriptions and lots of good advice, click below.

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