• Kristopher Heck Founder, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer

    Kris came to the UK in 2007 with one of the world’s largest asset management companies. Having experienced many of the challenges faced by American expats in the UK, he decided that he wanted to help other expats solve those problems.  He set up Tanager in 2012 to do just that and, as our CIO, utilises his extensive investment experience and knowledge to help structure our clients’ portfolios to maximise US/UK tax efficiency.

  • Jeff Hedges Founder, Partner, Senior Financial Advisor

    Jeff is a Founding Partner and Advisor at Tanager, providing investment advice to US families living in Europe. Combining cross border know-how with an extensive international network, Jeff delivers robust solutions for his clients, using both his 25 years of experience in institutional banking and a decade in wealth management. By the time Jeff was 24 he had attended 17 different schools and universities and resided in Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA.

  • Alex Eichhorn Managing Partner

    Alex is responsible for the day to day running of Tanager with a focus on Client Service. With over 17 years experience in private banking and wealth management, working both with clients and having valuable operational and compliance experience, Alex is our in-house project manager and go-to guy for non-investment related issues. He also explains the rules of cricket to the rest of the team and takes the blame for the rain.

  • David Costello Partner, Financial Advisor

    David came to the UK having been a financial advisor for 13 years in Boston.  As well as a liking for Boston sports teams, David is an experienced financial planner who has quickly grasped the issues that fellow American expats in the UK face.  David specialises in building financial plans for UK-based households that include US taxpayers and leads the Tanager Financial Planning Team.

  • Kate Hedges Communications Advisor

    Kate has been a US expat for over 25 years with her family. Initially working in Germany and then moving to the UK in 1995, Kate has combined a career in corporate communications with raising three sons and a daughter.  A keen blogger herself, Kate is editor of our podcast, Tanager Talks, and oversees our client communications.


  • Kyle Pettigrove Partner, Financial Advisor

    Kyle joined Tanager in London in 2016 having moved to the UK with his fiancee. A US/UK dual citizen and Philadelphia native, Kyle previously worked as a financial adviser in the US specializing in retirement planning.  Now spearheading Tanager’s Philadelphia office Kyle brings both relevant personal and professional experience to his role and is an avid traveler and craft beer enthusiast.

  • Patrick Mulhern Partner & Financial Advisor

    Patrick has been an off-and-on resident of the UK since 2003, when he came to university in Scotland and subsequently met his English wife.  He brings years of experience as an advisor and financial planner in America, where he worked for a number of prominent international firms.  He has also spent time in the legal industry, and is a published author on trusts and estates law.  Patrick specialises in financial planning with a focus on trusts and inheritance issues and he enjoys helping his clients navigate the intricacies of living and working between the UK and the USA.

  • Sam Lees Senior Investment Associate

    Sam joined Tanager in mid-2020 bringing over 10 years of experience in the Wealth Management industry. As a dual UK/US citizen Sam understands the challenges our clients face.  He works with the investment team assisting clients and advisors and enjoys the on-going challenge of building efficient portfolios for overseas Americans and other US taxpayers.

  • Abbas Somji Partner & Financial Advisor

    Abbas joined Tanager in early 2018 having previously worked at an RIA in Houston, Texas.  Holding the US CFP®, Abbas is an expert in US retirement planning and, being married to a Brit, understands the tax and planning issues faced by Anglo-American households.

  • Shivani Hindocha Client Service Manager

    Shivani joined Tanager at the start of 2019 having gained experience from a large international investment management firm. Shivani provides outstanding service to both our clients and financial advisors. Always thinking about the small things, she consistently aims to provide a better client experience.

  • Alistair Jackson Financial Planner

    Following his completion of an MPhil in English Studies at the University of Cambridge as a John Crook Scholar, Alistair chose to follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in the financial services.

    After two years in our Investment Team, Alistair joined the Financial Planning Team to begin his training as a Financial Advisor. His time is now focussed on the production and development of robust planning strategies for our clients on either side of the Atlantic.

  • Jeremy Bailey Senior Financial Advisor

    Jeremy joined the Tanager team in 2019 bringing 15 years of experience in helping clients align their finances with what is most important to them. He specialises in retirement income strategies and multigenerational planning. Jeremy decided to leverage his US/UK dual citizenship status to relocate to London in 2017. He quickly identified the breadth of financial challenges faced by Americans and US connected families living and working abroad. Jeremy comes to London via Cleveland Ohio and Miami Florida. In his free time, he enjoys running the Thames path, spending time outdoors, and travelling.

  • Nicole Ralph Senior Financial Advisor

    A global wealth professional for over 15+ years, I specialize in helping US expats and foreign nationals relocating to the US optimize their finances and acclimate to their new financial life through holistic financial planning.

    A dual US/UK citizen myself, I am intimately aware of the complex challenges and decisions facing families moving across borders having moved back and forth three times with my family. My most recent move was in late 2018 when we moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Hove on the south coast of England.

    As the world grows smaller and families explore options to live and work on a global scale, obtaining appropriate professional financial advice on their global assets and income has become the key foundation to realizing professional and personal dreams of living abroad.

  • Alexander Hill Financial Planner

    Alex joined Tanager in 2019 with 4 years’ experience in UK financial planning.

    Having studied Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art, he made an unconventional move into finance. Whilst working first as a teller then as an adviser for a high street bank, he studied independently for his Diploma in Financial Advice. This supported an application for his first role at an advisory firm as a paraplanner in 2015.

    Alex has continued his studies since then and has become a Chartered Financial Planner whilst working at Tanager. He brings the knowledge gained along with his experience to the planning process, to assist in delivering the best strategies for our clients.

  • Susan Blaylock Financial Advisor

    Susan has over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, mostly as a CPA. What she loves about financial planning is the opportunity to help people understand and achieve the financial goals that are most important to them. She enjoys the challenge of working with the particularly complex situations of US expats. Susan shares Tanager’s philosophy of developing strong relationships with clients and gaining a deep understanding of their financial situations and life goals.

    After moving to London in 2019, Susan joined Tanager. When she’s not at work, she enjoys exploring London and the surrounding areas, especially going on countryside walks and stopping for cream tea.

  • Lewis Semakula Paraplanner

    Lewis joined Tanager Wealth Management in February 2020 as a Trainee Paraplanner. Having two years prior experience in Wealth Management as a Junior Paraplanner dealing with high net worth UK based clients, Lewis is well versed in what it means to deliver client- centred financial planning processes. He will be providing support to the financial planning team to ensure that client expectations are met.

  • Krishna Gaglani Investment Associate

    Krishna Joined Tanager in early 2020 with over 4 years of experience in the Wealth Management industry. Krishna works within the investment team specialising in investment research and building portfolios for clients, helping them reach their financial aims and objectives.

  • Harshita Bedi Client Service Associate

    Harshita joined Tanager in April 2020 and provides valuable support to our Financial Advisors dealing with new and existing clients.

  • Marta de Gouveia Head of Financial Planning

    Marta joined Tanager in early 2020 with many years prior experience in a wide range of financial planning firms in the UK and 3 years in the USA. Marta loves working in a dynamic, diverse and multi-cultural city like London and working with and understanding and serving people each with a different and unique background.

  • Nikita Edwards Financial Planner

    Nikita joined Tanager from EY where he specialised in US/UK taxation, dealing with ultra-high net worth and high net worth clients based in the US and UK. He will be providing support to the financial advisors to ensure that client expectations are met.

  • Elliot Self Research & Reporting Associate

    Elliot joined Tanager in early 2021 looking to pursue a career in wealth management, having spent the previous year working in the financial technology sector. Elliot works on the investment team providing support with research, reporting, and building portfolios for clients.