Running the London Marathon

In this Tanager Talks, Kristopher Heck, one of the founders of Tanager Wealth Management describes his experience running the London Marathon. Like many American expats living in London, the race had long been on Kris’s bucket list. Last year, after watching friends run and contributing to their efforts to raise money for charity, he decided it was now his turn.

After securing a place to run in support of Refuge, the domestic abuse charity, Kris then set up a 24 week training plan.  With the help of Runmeter, an iPhone app that synched with his diary, he was able to find time to train despite an already full schedule.   According to Kris, it is important to have a plan, stick to it and look to family and friends for support.

On the day, Kris describes a feeling of exhilaration for which “nothing can prepare you.” It’s the 40,000 fellow runners, the thousands of volunteers and the 400,000 people who line the streets of London cheering you on that make the experience incomparable. Crossing the finish line, getting the medal and heading to the pub for a celebratory beer were highlights of the day.

When asked if he would do it again, Kris joked about there being two kinds of marathon runners – those who can’t wait to run the next one and those who have completed the race and are done with marathons. Kris sees himself squarely in the former camp and is looking forward to his next race, probably this spring.

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