Patrick Mulhern – Financial Advisor

What was your career ambition when you were growing up?

Aside from a short-lived desire to be a palaeontologist after watching Jurassic Park, I always wanted to be a teacher. I taught history for three years before going into wealth management. That was great preparation for what I do now. As the American commentator David Ramsey puts it, “If you want a good financial planner, find someone with the heart of a teacher.”

What brought you to the UK?

The University of St. Andrews originally. I stayed 6 years and ended up marrying a Londoner. After working and starting our family in the US, we moved back permanently in 2017 and my wife really appreciates living closer to her family.

What do you miss most about the US?

My family in America is the thing I miss the most. But I’m also a pretty huge fan of Thanksgiving, and there’s no substitute for being in the USA for Thanksgiving week. I do my best to replicate it over here but there’s nothing quite like being there.

What is your favourite experience since being in the UK?

Getting married here and the birth of my son are hard to beat, but I also loved standing at Cape Wrath on the extreme north-westerly tip of Scotland for the start of walking the Bryson Line (Tanager’s walk across the UK, based on Bill Bryson’s book). I live on the South Coast of England, so it was an amazing feeling to be so far from home while still in the same country. Watching England vs USA play at Wembley was pretty cool too.

 NFL or Premiership?

Premier League, through and through. Brighton and Hove Albion FC are right up the road from me, and it’s a brilliant atmosphere every time I go to watch a game.

What is the biggest challenge being an American living in the UK?

One thing I see over and over is how hard it is to get good advice. The internet can be an amazing tool, but it is extremely hard to find consistent information for all the issues that come up as an expat.

What is it you most enjoy about helping Anglo-American households?

What I most enjoy about the work we do is having a conversation with someone that leads them to understand something that used to feel impossible or to help them solve a problem that has dogged them for years. That’s a wonderful feeling.

Tell me about someone who has inspired you and why?

My daughter, Violet. She’s 4 and just figuring out what I do for a living, and she’s a dual US/UK citizen too. It’s so great to tell her that I help Americans like her who are living here in the UK when they have questions and problems. That makes going off to work every morning more inspiring that I ever imagined.

What’s the last book you read?

When London Was Capital of America by Julie Flavell. It was recommended to me by someone I taught history with, and it’s a great look at how connected the US and the UK were on the eve of the American Revolution.

Beatles or Beach Boys?

There’s only one Fab Four!

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