Trainee Portfolio Manager

Matthew is a citizen of the U.S., U.K. and Netherlands who has lived in London for most of his life since he was born there. For many years he has had a strong interest in finance and has gained experience and education from wealth management firms such as Killik & Co, and Imperial College Business School to help pursue his aims for a successful career with Tanager.

Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics from the University of Nottingham in September 2016, Matthew brings a sharp mind to tackle the complexities and subtleties of the cross-border taxation and investment landscape which he must also deal with outside of work.

Originally taken on as an intern, Matthew’s good work led to him joining Tanager in order to support the Partners and Advisors in portfolio management. He hopes to be well qualified to soon do their jobs, providing outstanding financial advice and brilliant solutions to international households and persons with serious financial challenges.

Continuing to regularly visit his relatives in the U.S. is part of Matthew’s travel ambitions as he constantly educates himself on whatever he can, both worldly and in business, regardless of difficulty. He is also a keen basketball player.


BSc Physics with Theoretical Physics – University of Nottingham, England


Interned at both Killik &Co. and Tanager Wealth.

Read Finance at the Imperial College Business School Summer School.

Contact info

Matthew Freeman

Areas of activity

  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Research
  • Advisor Support

We have this culture of financialization. People think they need to make money with their savings rather with their own business. So you end up with dentists who are more traders than dentists. A dentist should drill teeth and use whatever he does in the stock market for entertainment.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb