Jeff Hedges – Founder, Partner and Financial Advisor

What was your career ambition growing up?

I grew up in a foreign service family that was constantly on the move. I once calculated that I went to 17 different schools. My career ambition from the start was to join the “family business” and become a diplomat but President Jimmy Carter’s federal hiring freeze when I finished grad school redirected me to international finance.  For nearly two decades, I have provided financial advice to those, like me, who have found living overseas to be infinitely rewarding.

What brought you to the UK?

Twenty-five years ago, I was offered a transfer from the Frankfurt office of Bank of America. It was an exciting time to be working in the City of London for my wife and me and offered great educational opportunities for our children.

What do you miss the most about the US?

North Carolina BBQ, which reminds me of my luck in being adopted as an honorary Tar Heel and that the best things in life are simple and unchanging.

What is your favourite experience since arriving in the UK?

The birth of my daughter Eloise and Match of the Day which I have watched intermittently since 1971 when I was an ESU exchange student at Charterhouse.

NFL or Premiership

Prem- I am a Chelsea season ticket holder



What is the biggest challenge of being an American living in the US?

Getting joined up advice on the issues facing dual US-UK taxpayers, such as how to hold property with a foreign spouse, supporting charities on both sides of the pond and ensuring that one’s family is taken care of in case of death or disability.

Biggest satisfaction

Giving peace of mind and providing solutions to expat Americans who don’t understand why their US-based banks and advisors have stopped dealing with them and feel that their government penalizes them for living overseas.

Who do you admire most

My Midwestern parents, who had never been outside the US, but went to France straight after college in 1948 to join the Marshall Plan and start an international life. That took lots of courage, imagination and spirit. It wasn’t always easy but it was never boring.

Latest book

I have become hooked on Italian police procedurals and enjoy both the novels and TV series, such as Montalbano.  I have worked my way through Donna Leon, Michael Dibdin, Michele Giuttari, Andrea Camillieri and David Hewson.

Beatles or Beach Boys?

Surfing USA!

How is the pandemic affecting your work and the clients you serve?

I discovered how much technology has made working from home doable and allowed us to continue to provide superior service to our clients.  In terms of clients, I have been impressed by their resilience and positivity in this time of crisis.

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