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You Are In Good Hands

All of our financial advisors are American citizens living in the UK. They have a lot in common with you and inherently understand what it means to live a trans-Atlantic life.

US Expats

We understand what being a US expat is like. Whether you came over to the UK on a two year rotation and never went home or the love of your life turned out to be British and there was no way you were going to settle in the USA; we all have something in common. No matter how many years you have spent outside the USA you will always be a US taxpayer.  That brings it’s own complications and burdens, not least when it comes to financial planning.

Read here to learn more about how we help US expats living in the UK.

Trustees and Executors

Whether you are a US-based trustee with international settlors and beneficiaries or a non-US trustee who has beneficiaries who are US tax payers Tanager Wealth Management can advise on and implement tax efficient investment strategies and multi-jurisdictional reporting to assist you.

Read here to learn how we can help US and non-US trustees.

UK Residents with US Pensions

Legal and regulatory changes in the USA has meant that more and more American banks, custodians and investment houses are freezing or closing accounts held by non-US citizens with foreign addresses.

The biggest impact we have seen so far is on British nationals who spent a period of their working life in the USA and as a result have a US pension. Many US companies are no longer willing to work with such individuals.

Read here to learn more about how Tanager can help.

US Residents with UK Pensions

The chances are you have become, either intentionally or not, a US taxpayer. You may have lived in the USA for a sufficient number of years, you may have become a citizen or you may simply have a Green Card.  It is likely you have no plans to return to the UK, but you left behind a panoply of pensions, ISAs, investment accounts, maybe a property or two.

No one tells you this – when you cross-over your assets are likely to become subject to US tax.

Read here to learn more about how we can help people like you.

How We Help


Adding value to US/UK individuals and families with a carefully tailored financial plan to help you understand and reach your life goals


Investment advisory services tailored for US expats and other US taxpayers. We consider asset location, investment structure and underlying costs when constructing US/UK tax efficient portfolios for our clients


A portfolio review service for US investors living in the UK.  A Bird’s Eye View report will review the structure, risk profile, investments and costs in your existing US portfolio


Philanthropy runs deep in our clients. From occasional gifts to regular contributions Tanager can work closely with your legal and tax advisors to help facilitate gifting between the UK and the USA

Who We Are

Americans Advising Americans

We are proud that our team of dual qualified financial advisors are also American expats. We want to help fellow Americans enjoy their expatriate life rather than worry about US/UK financial issues. Call us on +44 (0) 20 3965 6330 to speak to one of our advisors.

Our Values

We are here to help. As fellow American expatriates we understand the hurdles you need to clear to find peace of mind about your financial situation. Too much emphasis is placed on the negative aspect of being an American expatriate and not enough on simply enjoying your life.  We focus on the positive and work with you and your advisors to map a path to financial success.



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