Exploring California Wines in the United Kingdom

What’s so special about California wines? This is a question Tanager Talks put recently to John McLaren, the UK Director of the Wine Institute of California.

His response takes us on a fascinating journey through California’s contribution to the global wine industry as well as an explanation of how the wine market organizes itself here in the UK and how that impacts the consumer. John cites the rise of the UK specialist wine merchant (700+ and counting) as a vibrant development for the interested wine drinker as well as the popularity of American-style steakhouses in London such as Goodman, MASH, The Palm, Cut or the Hawksmoor that all have great ranges of California wines because they go so well with the style of food served.  John points anyone interested in learning more about California wines to the Institute’s website www.discovercaliforniawines.com that “doesn’t try to sell you anything” but provides great background on where the wine comes from and what makes it different. You can follow them on Twitter @CalifWines_US.

Whether you are new to the California offering or a connoisseur interested in keeping up with the latest innovations, this Tanager Talk will have you reaching for your corkscrew.

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