David Costello – Partner & Financial Advisor

What was your career ambition when you were growing up?

It seemed that all the men in the family were in law enforcement and the women were in healthcare.  That was my world view and being a cop is what I wanted to do growing up.

What brought you to the UK?

Career and experiences for my kids. In late 2013, I had just been told I was in remission from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I thought “…you only live once and you can always go home, so decided to give it a go!”

What do you miss most about the US?  

Easy! Cheez-Its. Close second, family.

What is your favourite thing about living in the UK? 

History.  In school, I studied to remember information in order to regurgitate that information in order to pass a test in order to get good grades in order to get into another school in order to eventually get a good job.

Walking around London when I first arrived was eye opening in that so much that shapes our lives originated or was influenced by the UK. Positively and negatively. I have spent a lot of time watching tour guides and history videos that delve into specific detail on events that happened in this building or this is where “so and so” lived.  This has spurred a curiosity to then fire up a search engine to learn for learnings sake not just to get on the honor roll in high school.

NFL or Premiership?

NFL. I keep trying with soccer and want to like it but soccer players make it difficult to like the sport.  The flopping turns me off too much and I like watching the NBA!


What is the biggest issue affecting mixed Anglo-American families living in the UK?

Up until recently, I would say having to explain how we elected Trump in 2016.  Financially, it would be the paralysis they experience while trying to decode all the information out there while trying to make the right choice for themselves.

What is it you most enjoy about helping Anglo-American households? 

Kinship.  In twenty years of private client advice, never have I bonded/connected with clients as quickly as I have in my time with Tanager.

How is the pandemic affecting your work and the clients you serve?

“Nothing brings people closer together than shared suffering.” — Francine Rivers

The tone of many conversations has changed and has allowed for better understating of clients’ mindsets.  Certainly, I miss shaking hands and really looking people in the eyes when talking.  With that said, technology has made some parts of presentations more efficient and engaging.

Tell me about someone who has inspired you and why?

Tough. There is so much to draw on for inspiration recently.  As for any one individual, Stacey Abrams comes to mind.  Tenacious, focused, smart and humble.  She saw and experienced injustices to voters’ rights and has been working and organising for years to fix them.

What’s the last book you read?

“Money: The True Stories of a Made-up Thing” by Jacob Goldstein. Very enjoyable history on this thing we all hold to be valuable.

Beatles or Beach Boys?

Beatles without a doubt.  I did not know this was even a debate.  Does anyone answer the Beach Boys, unironically?  ‘God Only Knows’ is a great song though.

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