Take a Class with Lewis Carroll, the Bronte Sisters and Frankenstein

Tanager Talks had the chance to catch-up with Alice Leader recently to find out what was new at Master Classes, an adult education program originally started by Alice when she was a teacher at the American School in London (ASL).

In 2008 Alice was asked to start a seminar program for ASL parents that involved reading and discussion – but no essays or tests. Fast forward to 2013 and Master Classes is still going strong although Alice has retired, Master Classes has become her own business and the classes are open to all.

Master Classes typically focus on English literature or history, run for eight weeks meeting two hours a week and always include a day or overnight trip. The course on the Bronte sisters, for example, includes a trip to Haworth, Yorkshire to visit the family parsonage and walk the moor where Emily Bronte set Wuthering Heights. In addition to the 8-week classes, Alice also offers three 2 to 3 day mini-courses such as reading Through the Looking Glass and Alice in Wonderland and then going to Oxford to row down the river where Lewis Carroll invented his Alice tales.

Upcoming Master Classes include two short courses on the English Christmas and the Pantomime. The next two major courses, starting at the end of January cover the Gothic Novel such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and a class on Mysterious, Secret England, focusing on the Saxon and early Norman period in the northeast of England with visits to Durham Cathedral, Lindisfarne and more.

If you would like to find out more about Master Classes you can check the community page on the ASL website or contact Alice at alice_leader@asl.org.


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